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1. What kind of service does BillGuru provide? Top
BillGuru helps you save money by, analyzing approximate usage entered by you and recommending the best plan suited to you based on your usage. In addition to this the other things that we provide:
  • Details on the plan most suited to your needs
  • Recommendations across various plans available currently with supported service providers

2. What's new?
BillGuru has come-up with lots of new features:
  • Recommendations without bills - BillGuru can help you by simply letting you fill in the figures about your average usage and it will try to find the best plan for you.
  • Multiple numbers on a login - Do you want BillGuru to help you minimize your costs on more than one numbers? You can simply create separate profiles for each of these numbers and upload bills or provide usage statistics for each profile. You can individually analyze the usage pattern on each number and take recommendations from BillGuru.
  • Email-ID based login - Now you can register your email-id with BillGuru. This will be used as your login. Old users can continue to use their mobile number as login.
  • Support for new service providers - BillGuru now supports more service providers like Airtel,MTN, Globacom,Etisalat,Visafone,Starcomms,ZoomMobile and Multilinks.

3. What browsers does this work on?
The site has been tested extensively on Internet Explorer 5.5 and above. Users of other browsers like Firefox, Opera, Konqueror etc. might face some issues due to browser incompatibilities. Therefore, it is recommended that you use Internet Explorer 5.5 or above while making use of BillGuru services. The site makes use of Javascript. So, if your browser has javascript disabled you might not be able to use some features of the site. It is recommended that you enable the javascript in your browser in case it is not enabled.

4. Is it necessary for me to register before I can start using the service? Top
Yes. A one-time registration is required before you can start using BillGuru services. The steps to the same have been listed in FAQ Section

5. Are the services on this site free?
No. You would need to subscribe to our services for a small fee. Please click here to view our charges

6. How do I go about using this service?
If you are new to BillGuru, create an account by clicking on Register on the Home page followed by below easy steps.
    1. When you login or create a new account you will be taken to Recommendation Wizard
    2. Enter the details asked for namely, break-up of calls, break-up of SMS etc.
    3. Click on Recommendation to get the Plan most suited to your usage and BillGuru gives you the best plan suitable to your usage.

7. How does it know which tariff plan is best for me?
BillGuru analyzes the approximate usage that you enter to understand your usage. It intelligently figures out the tariff plan that can best suit your requirements depending on the usage patterns. This tariff plan is the one on which the bill is lowest.

8. What types of plans does BillGuru recommend? Top
BillGuru recommends both post-paid and prepaid plans. Irrespective of whether you are currently a pre-paid user or a post-paid user the usage figures are used to find out the best plan for you.

9. Does it recommend me a single plan?
Yes. BillGuru recommends you a single best plan that it finds best suited to your requirements. There are graphs that will show 5 best plans for you. In addition to single best plan, recommendation is given for the best plan within the same service provider that you are on currently and also on other network type (i.e. if you are on GSM, best plan in CDMA will also be identified and vice-versa).

10. I am a prepaid user. Can I still use this service? Top
Yes. You can fill in your average usage figures like number of calls, percentage of local calls, calls to same service provider, std call etc. and BillGuru will analyze these to suggest you a plan. The more exact and the more detailed information you feed in the better will be the recommendations

11. I get landline plan recommendations also?
No.We provide only mobile plan recommendations on our site

12. Which plans are currently being supported?
The service providers have a number of specified states across the country and BillGuru supports a majority of the important and most used plans. A list of the supported plans can be found here.

13. Are the advanced rental plans supported?
Yes. Most advanced rental plans are supported. For a more complete list of plans we support click here.

14. Are the zero rental plans supported?
Yes. Most zero rental plans are supported. For a more complete list of plans we support click here.

15. Are corporate plans supported?
Yes. They are supported

16. What happens if my mobile number changes? Do I need to register again for the new number?
No. You can use your same login for analyzing the usage of your new number. You simply need to add the new number in your login.

17. I have more than one mobile numbers. Do I need to register separately for each number?
No. You can use the same login for managing usage of all your mobiles. You will simply have to add these numbers under your login. Each number has its own usage analysis. Usage analysis of two numbers cannot be combined.

18. What is Recommendation Wizard?
The Recommendation Wizard is a utility that you can use if you do not have e-bills or are unable to upload your bills for some reason. The wizard recommends optimal plans on the basis of some basic information such as the number of Local or STD calls and SMS made by you in a month. This information can be easily obtained from your paper bill. If you do not have your paper bill you can enter approximate numbers and the wizard will still give you a recommendation.
You can help the Recommendation Wizard give you better recommendations by providing some optional advanced information such as the percentage of local calls to the same service-provider, to other providers etc. The Recommendation Wizard intelligently approximates your bill, based on the usage information entered by you, on various tariff plans and recommends the cheapest plans to you.

19. When should I fill the advance options while specifying usage break-up to the Recommendation Wizard?
If you know that your calls or SMS to numbers belonging to a particular service provider are very high/very low, specify a break-up accordingly in the advanced options. This will help us give you more accurate recommendations as we can make more accurate calculations with that information.

20. From where do I get local minutes, STD minutes, ISD minutes and SMS usage to provide to the Recommendation Wizard?
If you have a hard or soft copy of your bill, the break-up of your calls and SMS are provided, usually on the second page.

21. Is the estimated bill amount shown inclusive of all taxes?
Yes. The amount includes 5% VAT payable and is already inbuilt in the tariff charged by all operator

22. I am an old user. I had registered with BillGuru using my mobile number. I have forgotten my password. What do I do?
Click on Forgot your Password ? on the Home page and provide the mobile number using which had you registered with BillGuru. An email will be sent to you at the email-id that you had specified at the time of registration. The email will contain your password for the account.

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